Wonderfull design islamic wall art frame for Luxury Oriental Decor

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Wonderfull design islamic wall art frame for Luxury Oriental Decor


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A unique piece of Art exhibiting the Ayats/verses which reads:

"Inna ma'al 'usri yusra"


‏ ولسوف يعطيك ربك فترض

English Translation :

“And verily, your Lord will give you so that you shall be well-pleased"

And verily, your Lord will give you so that you shall be well-pleased.

meaning, in the final abode Allah will give him until He pleases him concerning his followers, and in that which He has prepared for him from His generosity.

From this will be the River of Al-Kawthar, which will have domes of hollowed pearls on its banks, and the mud on its banks will be the strongest fragrance of musk, as will be mentioned.

Imam Abu `Amr Al-Awza`i recorded that Ibn `Abbas said,

"The Messenger of Allah was shown that which his Ummah would be blessed with after him, treasure upon treasure. So he was pleased with that. Then Allah revealed, وَلَسَوْفَ يُعْطِيكَ رَبُّكَ فَتَرْضَى (And verily, your Lord will give you so that you shall be well-pleased).

So, Allah will give him in Paradise one million palaces, and each palace will contain whatever he wishes of wives and servants.''

This was recorded by Ibn Jarir and Ibn Abi Hatim from his route of transmission. This chain of narration is authentic to Ibn `Abbas, and statements like this can only be said from that which is Tawqif.


- We pride ourselves on the quality of each product we produce, and we are confident that you will love your canvas wall art.

Each Canvas piece is :
- Printed With High Definition Picture and High quality Material from our shop.
- Hand Stretched on the wooden frame for your order.
- Ready to hang on the wall.
- Packaged securely to ensure a safe damage-free delivery.
- All colors are gallery quality prints that are durable for more than 50 years.

- MATERIALS : wood, Cotton canvas

- HANGING : Ready to hang, hanging hardware is included.

- NOTE :

- All monitors have different color settings, it's possible that the print colors can be slightly different than the picture.
- Everything is HAND framed therefore there will be a little discrepancy in each Canvas Print but rest assured we will never send anything out that isn't as close to perfect as possible!
- As we print on demand, please allow 14 to 30 days for orders to reach you.
- Please take the time to ensure the measurements you choose are correct, and understand that Canvas look bigger in the pictures for detail purposes
- We can do custom canvas prints too, you just need to send us high resolution picture.

- All custom sizes are available in our shop upon request. If you like a size that is not included in the default sizes , please contact us and we respond promptly.

Every single piece of beautiful art that you purchase from us, will be handmade in our Warehouse based in Tunisia and shipped promptly! We take an average of 3-6 days for processing. Shipping can range from 3-5 days thereafter for international orders.
For exact estimates, please check the chart below:

International Customers :


Gallery Wrapped Canvas:

Custom Orders :

Processing Time

5-10 Days 6-15 Days

Shipping Time Frame

3-5 Days 3-5 Days
Total 8-15 Days 9-20 Days
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